Hi in this page is photos of my vitiligo recovery there is no huge recovery , but very big improvent.  The improvent has taken couple months and i have readed that there can be go years to get the best results. I have had vitiligo like 15 years and there has been never no improvement at all before.
Now i have take pictures that i can show before and Now pictures when i get results to other places. Sadly the summer just end here in Finland and i dont`t know will i start PUVA or i try to make money that i can travel to Sunny areas.

There is no vitiligo anymore in my face in beginning of this summer there where like 4 little spots and their are all healed. Sorry no photos because i didn`t expect that so much that will get healed.

All the areas what is marked in red has been affected with vitiligo all the area. You Can see 60-80 % recovery

 Left Hand
Right Hand

New Photos

Left Hand

100% recovery

Right hand

100% recovery

More photos coming

Upper Legs

99% Recovery




99% recovery