My vitiligo healing plan

My vitiligo healing plan includes all the things what i have come cross studying what there is benefit in healing vitiligo.

1. Keeping good care of your Immune system
 First step is to get your immune system work better and there is a lot of work. You maybe have start to eat better , exercise, sleep better and avoid stress. These things is crucial for your well being and keeping your immune system working right. Then you have maybe consire to take some supplements what have immune modulating affections. Then you maybe think to detox your system and give a chance that your immune system can work how it could.

2. Stimulating and healing of melanozytes that they may do their job to create melanin.
There is a lot of work. That also includes all the parts of point one. Then you maybe consire to take some supplements to fuel your melanoxytes working like B12, Folic Acid, Alpha Lipoic acid and lot of more
. That your melanozytes works better it is good use topical lotions what have also immune modulatin affections and healing affections to your skin like Black seed oil and topical D3 lotion. It is good to also stimulate the working of your melanocytes to combine Sun expossure and Psorelea what you have put topically to your vitiligo affected areas. When you are in the sun you maybe can burn then you can protect yourself from the harm of the sun using internal sunscreens.

3. This is just my theory and i havent seen it working yet. I have noticed that i have had success in some areas what are repigmented or start to do that when i have done the parts one and two, but in some areas there is know repigmenting at all. I have come to this conclusion in some areas there where repigmenting has started there has been some melanozytes what have started to work when i have fueled their working to do the steps of one and two, but the areas where there is no repigmenting at all i think the all melanozytes have destroyed. Please if know that could be right comment the writing why, but if conclusion is right what you can do. Yes you have to do something that your body does new melanozytes in places where they has destoroyed. Answer could be supplementing with Deer antler velvet what have Ingridient called IGF-1 that is Insuline like growth factor what have affections to create new melanozyte cells. There is have been studies where they studied the work of IGF-1 , but i havent find the results of that study.      

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