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Life is a constant balancing act between good and bad, from the things we eat to the company we keep. While perfection is impossible, we can strive for optimal health by supporting the body’s natural processes. A body detox is designed to promote the body’s most basic self-cleansing functions.
One way to gently kick-start your body’s natural detoxification process is with an annual or periodic cleansing regimen. Think of it as an internal ‘spring cleaning’ to flush accumulated impurities from your body. Just like you might pressure wash your house every Spring, cleansing once a year can promote the health of your colon and liver, organs that play a significant role in

The liver is your body’s main blood filtration organ, and it works hard to make sure that toxins introduced to your body are properly taken care of. At the same time, it is possible to overwhelm the liver, compromising its ability to do its job.

Suffering from the symptoms of Vitiligo can be made better by using herbal colon and liver cleansing. You can help improve Vitiligo simply by using herbal liver and colon cleansing, as it could rejuvenate your complete digestive system.
When old waste collects and is stuck to your small and large (colon) intestines, it can be distressing. If you have unusual bowel movements (regular is 2 or 3 times/day) then the build up of waste and toxins could be harmful to your general health, and might cause gas and cramps. If you have Vitiligo it may well be irritated by this.
A person’s colon may not be working effectively or be at its best, and the reason can be either because of high stress, lack of excercise, exposure to pollution in the environment and food, using too much medication or even a poor diet. A few of these things may cause your colon to not be able to get rid of the toxins that are created, which could be harmful to your body.
Toxins may come in many shapes and forms, from what we eat and drink, to the surroundings we live in and also things like drug use and alcohol. Use of herbal coloon cleansing may protect you from both free radicals and toxins. Toxins are generally cleaned up by the colon, but an overloaded colon might not work properly, and so the Vitiligo may be made more painful as some toxins may still linger in the bloodstream.
Herbal colon and liver cleansing is designed to help increase your well being, and alleviate the signs and symptoms of several conditions and illnesses including Vitiligo by just using all-natural ingredients. Herbal colon and liver cleansing is a healthy and balanced method to detox your entire body, aiding its natural inner detoxing and cleansing by getting rid of almost all the toxic compounds, transforming them, or even neutralizing them from the body. It may even help to clear excessive congestion and mucous. Being healthy on the interior will show on the outside, and would definitely assist with Vitiligo

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Internal Sunscreens

There is a problem people with vitiligo using sunscreens. I think it is not wise thing to use Normal lotion sunscreens and blockade the benefits of Sun. If you haft to be long time periods in the sun or you get burn easily in the Sun then you maybe haft to use some kind of lotion. I don`t use sunscreens lotions at all although im using products what increases my sensitivity to sunlight like Psoralea and Khella but i dont`t burn in the sun why?(few times i have burned when i have used too strong psoralea) I USE INTERNAL SUNSCREEN I THINK THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT THING US TO KNOW

Sunburn is caused when the body cannot make enough melanin, a skin pigment , to protect the skin from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) light. Melanin is an amazingly powerful antioxidant that absorbs the ultraviolet light. The inability to make enough melanin in the skin to protect it from sunburn is down to lack of nutrients. Many nutrients are probably involved but it is known that the amino acid L-tyrosine with copper and Vitamins E & D improve the body's ability to produce melanin.

Small amounts of UV light are beneficial as it enables the body to make Vitamin D . If you use sunscreen and avoid the sun then you may be deficient in Vitamin D which is essential to prevent certain cancers. Many health conscious individuals want to avoid the chemicals in the majority of sunscreen preparations that cause additional free radical damage, disrupt hormones , and are toxic to the human body.

Because of its extraordinary antioxidant power Astaxanthin acts as a fantastic internal sunscreen to prevent your skin from burning even when exposure is excessive although that is not recommended. It can also protect your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun. It does however, take time to build up the antioxidant protection in your skin. It may take 2 - 4 weeks to build up adequate sun protection.

Antioxidants from your diet provide additional protection

Antioxidants and other substances in fresh fruit and vegetables can help protect you from sunburn too. Lutein in green leafy vegetables and lycopene from tomatoes were found to be protective in studies. Betacarotene found in orange and red vegetables and fruit can help repair skin damaged skin and prevent DNA damage that leads to skin cancers.

Onions and garlic provide selenium, an important mineral involved in the bodies own antioxidant system. Green tea contains substances that have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects that prevent skin aging and skin cancers.

Other research suggests that supplementing with omega-3 fatty acids reduces skin inflammation caused by UV rays and helps protect the skin cells.

So if you usually suffer from sunburn and want to avoid damaging sunscreens a combination of the right foods in your diet and the power of Astaxanthin can provide you with excellent natural antioxidant protection from sunburn.

Use Astaxanthin 4mg to 10mg per day it is a little expensive supplement , but it has numerous health benefits

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Natural immune modulators may provide a key to beating immune disorders

The immune system is normally our natural first line of defense against illness and bad health. However, sometimes immune systems function abnormally due to deficiencies and disorders where the body either loses its natural immunity or else the immune system turns against the body it is supposed to protect. In either case, natural immune modulators may provide the key to maintaining a strong and properly functioning immune system.

Immunodeficiency (or immune deficiency) is a state in which the immune system's ability to fight infectious disease is compromised or entirely absent. There are more than 80 different immune-deficiency syndromes, including the most common and well-known immune deficiency, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

Mainstream medicine has little understanding and no cure for immunodeficiency and often attempts to manage it through long-term antibiotics. Antibiotics often have dangerous side effects. In addition, long term use of antibiotics destroys the body's beneficial intestinal bacteria which leads to bacterial overgrowth, lowered digestion and absorption of nutrients and ultimately even lower natural immune function.

Autoimmune disorder is a condition that occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy body tissue due to an inability to distinguish between healthy body tissue and antigens (such as microbial pathogens). The result is an immune response that destroys normal body tissues.

As is the case with immunodeficiencies, mainstream medicine has little understanding and no cures for autoimmune disorders. In most instances, mainstream medicine employs unnatural immunosuppressive drugs to reduce the immune system response. Besides a number of dangerous side effects such drugs often cause, they also reduce the body's natural immune response to actual illness.

Nature may provide a key for controlling and beating immune disorders in the form of natural immune modulators. Immune modulators can either up-regulate or down-regulate natural immune response as needed, enabling people with immune disorders to have more normalized immune function without the side effects of unnatural medications.

Five powerful natural immune modulators are:


Magnesium is a powerful and essential immune modulator. Known as the "master mineral", magnesium is involved in no fewer than 300 body processes. A deficiency in magnesium has been strongly linked to immune disorders and it has been variously estimated that anywhere from 70 to 95 percent of us are deficient in magnesium.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3, known as the "sunshine vitamin", is essential to life itself. Several studies in recent years have indicated that vitamin D3 is a powerful immune modulator which could be useful against autoimmune disorders. Furthermore, like magnesium, deficiency in D3 has been linked to autoimmune disorders. The best source of D3 is sunshine. When that is not feasible, supplemental D3 can help.

Blackseed oil

Blackseed oil (Nigella sativa) is another powerful immunomodulator and it has been used for centuries for a wide variety of illnesses. The prophet Muhammad was reported to have said that blackseed is a "cure for everything but death".

Oleander extract

Oleander is noted as a supreme immune stimulator and for its success against cancer, HIV and other conditions. However, it appears that oleander is also a powerful immune-modulator, with many reports of it helping people with immune disorders. Note: only properly prepared non-toxic supplemental oleander extract should be used since the raw plant is quite toxic.

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Topical Vitamin D

Vitamin D benefits the life and health of a person in far more ways than is commonly known. The “sunshine” vitamin, as it is sometimes called, is commonly known for its effect on strengthening the bones and joints in the human body by aiding the absorption of calcium. It also helps the body build up immunity. I have write before in this blog the importance of Vitamin D3 orally , but we who have vitiligo there is another way to use Vitamin D3

Topical Vitamin D

When used topically in combination with sun exposure, a pharmaceutical form of vitamin d, called calcipotriol, may be effective in stimulating repigmentation in children with vitiligo. In a preliminary study, children applied a cream containing calcipotriol daily and exposed themselves to sunlight for 10–15 minutes the following morning.19 After 11 months, marked to complete repigmentation occurred in 55% of the children, moderate repigmentation occurred in 22%, and little or no improvement was seen in 22%. None of the children developed new areas of vitiligo. The first evidence of repigmentation occurred within 6 to 12 weeks in the majority of the children. All participants tolerated the cream well, with approximately 17% complaining of mild, transient skin irritation. The study shows that can get help from topical vitamin d so then i think there can be so use to adults also. I use different form what is in the study and that is the natural form called Cholecalciferol it is almost every time that the natural forms are many times better. I put the lotion few times per week to vitiligous areas.

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Vitamin d3

When we are talking about treatment fot vitiligo we have to take two things on our mind. First is that we have to try to get areas of vitiligo repigmented and second is that the vitiligo is autoimmune disorder and we have take good care of our immune system.

Your body needs a wide range of nutrients so that each cell performs the way it’s supposed to and all your body functions run smoothly. One important source that’s been getting a lot of buzz? Vitamin D — this essential vitamin helps build strong bones and much more.

Now researchers are discovering that vitamin D may be a powerful tool in understanding, and perhaps even preventing, certain health problems, including a group of conditions that currently has no cure — autoimmune diseases.

Autoimmune diseases occur when your immune system turns against your own body instead of fighting harmful invaders like bacteria and viruses. Autoimmune diseases affect different areas of the body. For instance, Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease that affects the skin, while Graves' disease is an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid gland.

Little is known about how and why autoimmune diseases occur, what can be done to prevent them, and how to reduce your autoimmune disease risk. But that could be about to change.

The Scoop on Vitamin D’s Benefits
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One recent study discovered that people who are deficient in vitamin D, which comes from both food sources and sunlight, have an increased autoimmune disease risk. The study also found that vitamin D can affect how your genes function by binding to them in particular spots. These binding locations may help researchers better understand genes that trigger diseases related to vitamin D.

We know that vitamin D plays a role in protecting the immune system. And researchers found that not getting enough vitamin D increases your risk for rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and type 1 diabetes, among other autoimmune diseases. Unfortunately, researchers can't yet pinpoint exactly how and why this is the case, or how getting enough vitamin D may help to ward off the onset of autoimmune disease symptoms.

I use in winter time at last 2000IU dosages per day