lauantai 27. elokuuta 2011

Quality of vitamins and supplements

I Have been reading that many people who suffer vitiligo need how important vitamins and supplements are but there is a very not much not much talk about the quality of vitamins.

96% vitamins what are sold are synthetic and they don`t work so good like the natural ones. If we take like closer look to E vitamin we see a little bit of what i am talking about:
Synthetic vitamin E is not the same as natural vitamin E and has lower biological activity. When vitamin E is made synthetically a mixture of the D and L forms is automatically produced and cannot be separated. This is called DL-alpha tocopherol and, although much less expensive than natural D-alpha tocopherol, is not biologically active. In fact, recent scientific studies have indicated that synthetic vitamin E does not stay in the body nearly as long as natural vitamin E, making it a much less effective protector.

Same kind of problems is in every vitamin and supplements there are big differencies in quality of vitamins. Another thing also is very important in quality of vitamins that i believe if you want get results you have use many kind of supplements long time periods and then they have to be very good quality natural if possible.

in the next writing i take closer look to B12 vitamin what is crucial in treatment for vitiligo.

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