lauantai 27. elokuuta 2011

Healing vitiligo

I started this blog because i am also suffer the sickness called vitiligo. My vitiligo showed it first symptoms when i was 13 years old. When i was 14 i started PUVA treatment but it didnt help me. It was just a hard to all the time have a like sunburn ,itching places in your skin. Today i am 30 years old and many years go that i think that there was no cure for vitiligo but now i am seeing that there is maybe a cure for vitiligo. I am seeing results and vitiligous areas are repigmenting all around in my body. That is why i am starting this blog to inform people from that things what i have learned.

I will talk about many kind of vitamins like B12, Folic Acid , D Vitamin and supplements like L-phenyalalanine and alpha lipoic acid. Different kind of lotions and herbs. Also i think that good quality of food is very important.

sorry my english it isn`t my motherlanguage but i hope that people understand my writings

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