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Folic Acid

I Think B12 vitamin and Folic Acid are corner stones in treating vitiligo. In studies there has been proven that Patients with vitiligo show diminished blood levels of folic acid.

There is evidence that vitamin consumption can lead to some stabilization and in some cases repigmentation. Vitiligo patients showed significant improvement in the following clinical studies.
A clinical study describes the use of vitamin supplements in the treatment of vitiligo. Supplementation with large amounts of folic acid (1-10 mg. per day), vitamin C (1 gram per day) and vitamin B12 injections (1,000 mcg. every other week), produced marked repigmentation in eight of the fifteen people studied. These improvements became apparent after three months, but complete repigmentation required one to two years of continuous supplementation.
In another study of people with vitiligo, supplementation with folic acid (10 mg. per day) and vitamin B12 (2,000 mcg. per day), combined with sun exposure, resulted in some repigmentation after three to six months in about half of the participants. This combined regimen was more effective than either vitamin supplementation or sun exposure alone

Vitiligo patiens need massive dosages of many kind of vitamins and supplements and also used long time periods. That`s why is it important to find best high quality sources to get Folic Acid. There is a Few what recommend one is Bee Pollen yeah Bee Pollen is one of the richest natural sources to Folic Acid and it`s cheap and it can be used long times. There can be in one gram of Bee Pollen Folic acid 3.64-6.8milligrams and that is a huge amount.

I recommend to get Bee Pollen near to you. Many who has studied Bee Pollen says it best to you when it is from your own continent. But if you don`t get Bee Pollen near from you there is a good product from IHERB when you are using Bee Pollen from United States choose organic Bee Farm because there is so much of GM plants and that is not a good thing to you.

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