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Controversial Vitamin C

You probably have heard two very different opinion consired using C vitamin in treating vitiligo. Some say don`t use it or even bevare the food what contains it and some studies says it is helping with treating vitiligo.

What is the truth
My conclusion is this. It`s a little battle against western medicinal vs eastern(traditional) medicinal. I have a huge respect to traditional medicinal and i have learned that there is incredible wisdom what it helds. In this case of Vitamin C i have to say i think the eastern medicinal is wrong.
Eastern Medicinal understand that C Vitamin holds whitening effect and then they believe it`s not good for people who suffer vitiligo. We don`t have to bevare the whitening effect of Vitamin C because many you know that the problem isn`t in the production of melanin , but in the destruction of melanozytes. So i believe that many studies are right Vitamin C is good thing for treatment of vitiligo. Vitamin C is very good for the skin Vitamin C is extremely effective as an antioxidant, your natural defense against free radicals, which are unstable molecules that age the skin, resulting from environmental pollutants, smoking, or excess sun exposure. Vitamin C neutralizes volatile reactions caused by free radicals that damage skin

Good quality C vitamin (ascorbic acid) is best to get from whole food sources. Because the Ascordic acid works synergistically with the flavonoids and it works better with them.

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